Famous basketball tournaments

Basketball is one of the most famous sport worldwide played by two teams each with 5 players with 7 players allowed on the bench. Basketball tournaments began in the late 1800s to promote a less rough game and protect the players from exploitations. Here are some of the most famous basketball tournaments to look out for.

1. Basketball at the Olympics

Men’s Basketball at the Olympics has been played since 1936 after demonstration games in 1904-1924. Winning at the Olympics is the highest honor in Basketball games.

2. FIBA World Championship

FIBA World Championship competitions takes place internationally. It involves the men’s national basketball team who are members of FIBA (International Basketball Federation), a global sport’s governing body.

This championship is held after every four years since its debut in 1950 except in two occasions.

3. EuroBasket

Also referred to as FIBA European basketball Championship, EuroBasket is the main men’s Basketball competitions governed by FIBA Europe. This championship was first held in 1935 and it is awarded regularly after every two years since 1947.

4. FIBA Americas Championship

This championship is commonly referred to as the American basketball Championship and it takes place after every two years between men’s basketball national teams in the continent. It is also the qualifying tournament for FIBA World Championship as well as the Olympic Games.

Since the International Basketball Federation organized teams in the Western Hemisphere of the Atlantic ocean to be under one basketball zone, countries from South America, The Caribbean, Central America and North America all compete in this tournament.

5. FIBA Asia Championship

Formerly known as the Asian Basketball confederation or just Asian Championship, this tournament involves the Men’s Basketball teams in the continent and it takes place after every two years. It is the qualifying competitions for FIBA world championship as well as Olympic basketball tournament.

6. FIBA African Championship

This tournament involved competitions by Men’s basketball teams in Africa and it is played after every two years. It under the sponsorship of Fédération Internationale de Basketball, a basketball governing body.

FIBA African Championship also serves as the qualifying matches for participation in Olympic basketball tournament and FIBA World Championship.

7. FIBA Oceania Championship

FIBA Oceania Championship involves the men’s basketball teams in the tropical Pacific Ocean region and it takes place after every two years. It is serves as the qualifying competitions for Olympic games and FIBA World Championship.

Though introduced much later, the famous women’s basketball tournaments include:

  • Women’s Basketball at the Olympics
  • FIBA World Championship for the Women
  • Euro-Basket for Women
  • FIBA Africa Championship for theWomen
  • FIBA Americas Championship for the Women
  • FIBA Asia Championship for the Women
  • FIBA Oceania Championship for the Women

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