A review of Basketball slot, a basketball theme online slot

Basketball star is a 5 reel and online video slot offering 243 ways of winning. It runs on microgaming platform and similar to other microgaming powered slots, it is packed with bonus features, superb graphics, beautifully designed symbols with a crowd growing wild in the background. If you would like to get paid for playing basketball then you will certainly love playing this game.

Instead of just taking chasing high score by taking shots, you are actually playing against opponents and it has a second game mode similar to one on one basketball duels with either of you trying to block the other’s shots. While it is normal to lose excitement after a few hours of playing online slots, when playing his game, you will find yourself coming back to make more bets and hone your skills.

How to play this game

Every game you play involves betting some cash on your success. If you lose, you do not get anything but if you win, you get the whole pot.

During a shooting race, you should earn as many points as possible. To shoot, just swipe the screen and stop swiping when the power meter is close to the perfect shot.

You earn three points for a perfect shot that fails to hit the rim and two points for a basket. When you score enough baskets, you set up a fire and earn double the points for every successful shot. Sometimes, you may get a one off lucky ball that double your points. The backboard may also light up with a bonus if you hit it and sink the ball though it is quite hard.

The attacker defender things are even trickier. Every time you get the ball, you should dodge, feint then shoot without the other player knocking you out of lane. If you are defending, you should be able to read your opponent’s plan and prevent them from scoring.

The first team to score earns ten points, therefore focus on getting perfect baskets and if you miss, ensure you do not get faked out often by your basketing foe.

Placing your bets

Before you begin shooting to win, you should first adjust the bet to one that suits your playing style. Click on the bet button and use -/+ to set the coin size and select the number of coins you would like to play with. To play at the highest bet possible, click on the Max Bet’

After setting your stake, press the start to spin the reels but if you would like the reel spins to preset without interruptions, press the Autoplay’ button.

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Basketball betting tips that will increase you winning chances

Winning is not always guaranteed every time you gamble. In fact, only a very small percentage of people make a living form gambling. This article outlines effective basketball betting tips that will help increase your winning chances.

Be a cold headed bettor

You certainly have a favorite team but you do not have to bet in their favor even when the odds are not. Successful gamblers make their decision based on accurate information, solid facts and gut feel. Never let your emotions affect your betting judgment as you will end up making the wrong decision.

Consider the starting lineup

Before you place your bet, ensure that the main players are starting. There is nothing worse than betting too early only to realize that the star players will not be playing due to injury.

Take the betting trends with a grain of salt

Some trends are informative and worth considering but at times, the past results does not influence the future. Though some teams may always dominate, upsets and happenstance can happen.

Check out for value bets

Though line makers are good at what they do, they may unknowingly post a weak line especially when there are many games on the board. If you are lucky to find one, play it. You do not have to bet on every game, just bet those to your advantage.

Pay attention to the points scored in the paint and turnovers.

A high turnover percentage means an advantage for you when betting and the points win games. The shots taken close to the hoop have a higher percentage which makes your choice easier when making a bet. Handicappers overlook this tip but it is a key determinant of the winner.

Be disciplined

Once you set a bankroll, stick to it faithfully. If you start with a bankroll of $500, your maximum bet should range from $10-$15. Though this may not be as exciting, it pays off in the long run.

Lookout for the team playing away from home and those on the third game of a four night schedule.

Players get tired and playing away from home takes a toll on their psyche. Although the line makers, most times, the odds are in your favor.

Bet the moneyline whenever you play short’ underdogs and the line is +1, +2 or +3.

When you do this, the pay is higher and you will not need points to cover the spread. On the other hand, you should avoid betting big moneylines on your favorite team as one loss may lead you to a hole that is difficult to come out from.


Interesting facts about Basketball

Basketball has a rich history and it is full of some interesting facts that you probably did not know. Here are some fun facts about the game of basketball that you should know.

Basketball was invented by a gym instructor

Interestingly, James, Naismith, an American professor at YMCA in Springfield is the inventor of basketball in 1891. He created the game during winter as he was looking for a sport to be played indoor because it was too cold to play football or baseball outside.

The loop of basketball

The first basketball hoops were peach baskets with an intact bottom. The ball had to be gotten out each time by the officials after every basket. String nets were implemented in early 1900s.

The first hoops were also nailed on mezzanine balcony of the court. The backboard was later introduced after shots were continually interfered by the spectators.

The first basketball game

In early 1900s, basketball was played in chicken wire and mesh cages to prevent the players from falling on the spectators. Players got injured often especially during intense games

Also, the first basketball games used soccer balls. Players were forced to rub coal dust on their hands in order to grip the ball better. In mid 1900s, brown basketballs were introduced and the color later was changed to orange.

Unlike today, dribbling was not a part of the game. Players were allowed to only catch the ball, take a few steps to gain balance then throw it. Dribbling became a crucial part of the game in the 1950s.

A basketball player once chocked a coach

On 4th Dec, 1997, Latrell Sprewell received a 68 game suspension after he chocked a coach for 15 seconds before he was pulled away by other players.

Superstition in basketball

Jason Terry, a basketball player slept in the shorts of his team every night before each game which he claimed to give him good luck. He won an NA tittle in 2011 with Dallas Mavericks.

Women in basketball

The first women to play basketball wore uniforms which were dubbed bloomer suits as they covered the entire body and they had stockings to cover the lower legs.

During the first women’s collegiate basketball game on the 21st March, 1893 at Smith College, all the doors at the gym were locked as it was considered inappropriate to watch women paly sports.

Basketball facts

Did you know that a warm basketball bounces more than a cold one? Well interestingly, this is true because the molecules in a warm ball hit the inside surface at a higher speed. Also, NBA courts are made using maple wood as it is more flexible and stronger.

Famous basketball tournaments

Basketball is one of the most famous sport worldwide played by two teams each with 5 players with 7 players allowed on the bench. Basketball tournaments began in the late 1800s to promote a less rough game and protect the players from exploitations. Here are some of the most famous basketball tournaments to look out for.

1. Basketball at the Olympics

Men’s Basketball at the Olympics has been played since 1936 after demonstration games in 1904-1924. Winning at the Olympics is the highest honor in Basketball games.

2. FIBA World Championship

FIBA World Championship competitions takes place internationally. It involves the men’s national basketball team who are members of FIBA (International Basketball Federation), a global sport’s governing body.

This championship is held after every four years since its debut in 1950 except in two occasions.

3. EuroBasket

Also referred to as FIBA European basketball Championship, EuroBasket is the main men’s Basketball competitions governed by FIBA Europe. This championship was first held in 1935 and it is awarded regularly after every two years since 1947.

4. FIBA Americas Championship

This championship is commonly referred to as the American basketball Championship and it takes place after every two years between men’s basketball national teams in the continent. It is also the qualifying tournament for FIBA World Championship as well as the Olympic Games.

Since the International Basketball Federation organized teams in the Western Hemisphere of the Atlantic ocean to be under one basketball zone, countries from South America, The Caribbean, Central America and North America all compete in this tournament.

5. FIBA Asia Championship

Formerly known as the Asian Basketball confederation or just Asian Championship, this tournament involves the Men’s Basketball teams in the continent and it takes place after every two years. It is the qualifying competitions for FIBA world championship as well as Olympic basketball tournament.

6. FIBA African Championship

This tournament involved competitions by Men’s basketball teams in Africa and it is played after every two years. It under the sponsorship of Fédération Internationale de Basketball, a basketball governing body.

FIBA African Championship also serves as the qualifying matches for participation in Olympic basketball tournament and FIBA World Championship.

7. FIBA Oceania Championship

FIBA Oceania Championship involves the men’s basketball teams in the tropical Pacific Ocean region and it takes place after every two years. It is serves as the qualifying competitions for Olympic games and FIBA World Championship.

Though introduced much later, the famous women’s basketball tournaments include:

  • Women’s Basketball at the Olympics
  • FIBA World Championship for the Women
  • Euro-Basket for Women
  • FIBA Africa Championship for theWomen
  • FIBA Americas Championship for the Women
  • FIBA Asia Championship for the Women
  • FIBA Oceania Championship for the Women