A review of Basketball slot, a basketball theme online slot

Basketball star is a 5 reel and online video slot offering 243 ways of winning. It runs on microgaming platform and similar to other microgaming powered slots, it is packed with bonus features, superb graphics, beautifully designed symbols with a crowd growing wild in the background. If you would like to get paid for playing basketball then you will certainly love playing this game.

Instead of just taking chasing high score by taking shots, you are actually playing against opponents and it has a second game mode similar to one on one basketball duels with either of you trying to block the other’s shots. While it is normal to lose excitement after a few hours of playing online slots, when playing his game, you will find yourself coming back to make more bets and hone your skills.

How to play this game

Every game you play involves betting some cash on your success. If you lose, you do not get anything but if you win, you get the whole pot.

During a shooting race, you should earn as many points as possible. To shoot, just swipe the screen and stop swiping when the power meter is close to the perfect shot.

You earn three points for a perfect shot that fails to hit the rim and two points for a basket. When you score enough baskets, you set up a fire and earn double the points for every successful shot. Sometimes, you may get a one off lucky ball that double your points. The backboard may also light up with a bonus if you hit it and sink the ball though it is quite hard.

The attacker defender things are even trickier. Every time you get the ball, you should dodge, feint then shoot without the other player knocking you out of lane. If you are defending, you should be able to read your opponent’s plan and prevent them from scoring.

The first team to score earns ten points, therefore focus on getting perfect baskets and if you miss, ensure you do not get faked out often by your basketing foe.

Placing your bets

Before you begin shooting to win, you should first adjust the bet to one that suits your playing style. Click on the bet button and use -/+ to set the coin size and select the number of coins you would like to play with. To play at the highest bet possible, click on the Max Bet’

After setting your stake, press the start to spin the reels but if you would like the reel spins to preset without interruptions, press the Autoplay’ button.

You can play this online slot at leading online casinos such as the Luxury casino, Captain Cooks Casino, Zodiac casino among other reputable ones. Sign up at microgaming casinos today and begin playing for real money. Make sure you sign up to TOYL sweepstakes to get the time of your life!


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